If quite a long time ago, is that the guy would propose to her woman by kneeling offering her an engagement ring with a precious stone in it. Women at that time become so proud when they get a proposal from their beloved man. The engagement ring gives them pride as a woman to be engaged with their other half to be. Some of them even compared their ring to their friends on its worth and the carat weight or its value.

What is the ideal wedding ring?

This inquiry concerning the ring is common, so tiara is totally fine to get some information about the refinements, the cut, and carat, the sort of stone, metal, etc. When it comes to metal, the popular choices are:

  1. White gold – This metal is a mix of gold and white metal plus rhodium for the coating.
  2. Yellow gold – The classic option for wedding rings. The carat has an array of choices.
  3. Rose gold – Its color and firmness vary on the carat. Its other term is ‘pink gold’.
  4. Platinum – Its shine will never fade. This metal is robust and hypo-allergenic.
  5. Silver – The oldest fashionable wedding ring that was widely chosen in making of pieces of jewelry.
  6. Titanium – hypo-allergenic and distinguishable with its dark color.
  7. Tungsten – It simply needs your extra care so it won’t tarnish.
  8. Steel – This metal is the best choice if you have a limited budget. It can’t be scratched and ain’t easy to damage.
  9. Ceramic – To give it an extremely reflective luster, it simply needs regular polish.
  10. Palladium – It is cheaper than platinum and you do not have to worry about it being discolored or re-plating.

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