When thinking about your real estate website and its SEO, you should go about a different strategy than just belatedly adding keywords and whatnot for it. There’s no need to pay for Google AdWords to advertise your site when Google search can do it for you for free. You just need to know how to optimize your website for Google. By the way, your idx website serves as a foundation for real estate SEO. SEO is both scientific and creative in execution. At its most fundamental concept, it’s the practice of ensuring your real estate website gains eyeballs from the right Google visitors so that it’s much easier for you to get your portfolio of property sold off at the best prices. It should give you maximum exposure at minimum effort.

The Science and Art of SEO Explained

  • SEO as a Science: SEO as a science is quite exact. You need to include certain popular keywords at a certain percentage of your text in order for the Google bots or crawlers to consider your real estate website as relevant to a given topic or search engine results page. How effective your SEO efforts are can be gauged by your SERP ranking or if your website ends up in the first page of a given SERP. For more information on idx website click here.
  • SEO as an Art: SEO is also an art because advertising and marketing is also about presentation and aesthetics. You need to be creative when it comes to improving the user interface or UI of your website. The adverts you make for Google AdWords or for the landing page of your website is largely a creative endeavor rather than something quantitative. This subjectivity means there’s no set formula in this aspect of SEO.
  • A Balanced Online Strategy: As a real estate website, you or your web developer should apply SEO as a balanced online strategy that takes off some pressure of getting the highest SERP rankings. Once your site has a solid SEO foundation, you can better focus on elements you can take con troll of, like having a fascinating blog or YouTube channel that funnels leads to your realty site. This way, your site will successfully accomplish its function as a marketing tool.

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